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The Footstool Workshop

The Footstool Workshop

Seven footstools, endless possibilities...

Whether you want something to sit on, to rest your weary feet on, to stack your magazines on, to use as storage or just to look beautiful to fill a large space, the Footstool Workshop gives you the opportunity to create something as bespoke and unique as you and your home.

Small Footstools
These mini-stools will fit in the tiniest of corners, but will still look a treat.

Choose from three different sizes, then pick your fabric, tirm and leg options for a truly unique footstool that's all your own.

Good for toasting toes in front of the fire, taking the weight off at the end of a busy day or simply as the finishing touch to a comfy room.

Medium Footstools
Not too big and not too small - in fact, just the right size.

Like the 'Goldilocks' of the footstool world, your new medium-sized stool will make a nice statement without taking up too much space.

There are three standard sizes to pick from, or, you can tell us what your perfect fit is and we will make it. Our favourite combinations include the deep buttoned leather treatment with turned legs - simply fabulous.

Large Footstools
Our large footstools are the daddy of all footstools and are ideal if you are looking for something on the big side.

Your new large footstool has many functions - from being a useful perch for party guests to a makeshift table for impromptu rainy day board games.

Whatever you use it for, you’ll love the feel and look of your large footstool. Mix and match your favourite top, fabric, leg and trim combinations into a must have piece of furniture.

Footstools with Storage
It's never been easier to mix good looks with convenient functionality. 

Our super chic fully upholstered Storage Footstools boast a sizeable full or shallow depth interior space for blankets, board games, embroidery or anything you would like to hide but also have conveniently to hand.

Two strong gas lift hinges on the lid make opening and closing the square lidded model a breeze whilst the round lids slot snugly into place for quick and easy access.

Storage Ottomans
Our storage ottomans are a huge hit! They are both a beautiful and practical dual-purpose piece of furniture.

Use an ottoman at the foot of your bed for a boutique feel bedroom. Their slim profile and width lends itself to adorning hallways and stair wells. We've even seen them used as fantastic window seats.

They’re great to sit on and are ideal for storing toys, bedding and books etc. Our Storage Ottoman is available in 6 sizes so you're bound to find the right one for your home.

Bench Footstools
Our Bench Stools are just the job to put in front of your sofa, if you don’t want individual footstools.

Their informal and cosy style make them a great all rounder. Available in three different sizes: 40x18, 48x21 and 60x21 inches, You can choose to cover your bench footstool in any of our 80 fabrics and leathers, or use your own material.

Combine with your selection of leg and then sit back and relax whilst we work our magic!

Cube Stools
Elegant, simple, multi-functional. There's nothing 'square' about these stools!

Your new cube footstool will look great as a one piece or, use them side by side for a fun arrangement with lots of versatility and semi-modular effect. Brilliant for the bedroom, living room and conservatory!

We know you'll have a use for one two and will end up wondering how you ever got by without them.

The Footstool Workshop
Unit 11, St. David's Industrial Estate
Blackwood, Gwent, NP12 3SW

Telephone: 01443 831981

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