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Kin Vodka

Kin Vodka

...a welcome warmth - from the heart of the English Lakes

Award winning Kin Toffee + Vodka and Kin Toffee Apple + Vodka are stunning drinks created in the heart of the Lake District. The Toffee Vodka is a sublime blend vanilla and toffee flavour giving deliciously rich warming but versatile drink, the most recent addition is the Kin Toffee Apple Vodka which has the same smoothness as the original, alongside the sweet tangy flavours of rosy red apples. 

Kin Vodka was born from an experience of tasting a toffee vodka on the ski slopes of the French alps, the idea was brought home to the Lake District when the great outdoors and love of all things delicious inspired the development of the market leading Kin Toffee Vodka in 2014. The beauty and immenseness of the natural world in Kin country inspires the creation of this amazing range. 

Widely appealing due to the smooth richness of Kin Vodkas are a premium spirit drink, fantastic enjoyed straight, but also magnificent in cocktails such as an espresso martini, Kir Royale and a wide range of longer drinks for all seasons. Equally, both drinks are amazingly smooth taken straight, whether chilled or mulled for a comforting winter toddies.

Available in a range of bespoke bottles, which are now 50% recycled glass, reflecting Kin’s intention to become as environmentally friendly as possible. Also available are a range of  gift packs, offering Kin originality and attractiveness throughout.

Both drinks are vegan, no allergens and have an abv of 20.3%  -  they are also a fantastic addition to many puddings and desserts.  A full range of toffeelicious loveliness.

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