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Humboldt Travel

Humboldt Travel

Creating luxury tailor-made holidays to Latin America & Antarctica

We work closely with our clients to design the perfect bespoke trip for individuals, couples, families and groups of friends, discussing your requirements so that you experience Latin America at its best. Our holidays can be solely focused on one country or perhaps a multi-stop itinerary on what may be a once in a lifetime trip. 

We have strong relationships with the best hotels as well as exclusive villas, private jets and unique experiences for even the most discerning of clients. We pride ourselves on a seamless personal experience, from the initial enquiry through to the holiday itself, making sure that every little detail of your holiday is covered.

Here are our highlights of the continent and the areas we specialise in:

Antarctica – the White Continent is a bucket list destination, a photogenic dream, and the last frontier for intrepid explorers. Enter a frozen world where stark white icebergs contrast vividly with the deep blue sea while thousands of penguins dot the white snow.

Argentina – a cosmopolitan capital, Iguazu Falls, vineyards framed by the Andes and lunar landscapes and salt flats in the far north. Head south to Patagonia for rugged landscapes with stunning lakes, great trekking, towering peaks, small Welsh towns, glaciers & Tierra del Fuego NP.

Belize - One of only two English speaking countries in Latin America makes for easy travel but with still the opportunity to discover spectacular Mayan ruins, world-class coral reef diving and a fascinating mix of cultures in this delightfully friendly country. 

Bolivia - This rugged and charming country is home to the world’s highest navigable lake, the planet’s highest capital city and the largest salt plains in existence. Diverse, stunning and off-the-beaten track, Bolivia could surprise you with its natural beauty and fascinating regional customs.

Brazil – the largest country in South America with beautiful Rio de Janeiro, home to carnival. Colonial history with colourful towns plus the continent’s best beaches. Nature & wildlife abound, from the mighty Amazon to the Pantanal wetlands which is the best place in the world to see jaguars.

Chile – the long thin strip of land on the Pacific coast which stretches from the arid moon-like deserts of the north through to the granite towers of Torres del Paine National Park in the far south, a trekking paradise. In between you’ll find lakes and volcanoes whilst mysterious Easter Island lies out to sea.

Colombia – the once war ravaged country is now transformed into one of the continent’s best. Caribbean beaches, a vibrant capital in Bogota, the laidback and beautiful Cartagena and a stunning coffee region make Colombia the destination of the moment.

Costa Rica – the tiny country in central America which is summed up by wildlife, volcanoes and beaches. It’s the perfect introduction to Latin America as English is widely spoken and travel distances are short. An ideal destination for families and couples alike who will love the wildlife and adventure on offer.

Cuba - Classic elegance, abundant natural beauty and an ineffable revolutionary spirit. Cuba is a Caribbean paradise. With some of the most striking landscapes in the Caribbean, historic landmarks at every turn, and a vibrant modern culture; you could say that Cuba has something for everyone.

Ecuador & the Galapagos – famed as the gateway to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador has a myriad of experiences to offer any visitor. Volcanoes, vibrant markets, surf beaches, Amazonian jungle and superb wildlife on the Galapagos make Ecuador a great destination.

Peru – the most visited country in South America with a mix of Incan history, Amazon jungle, Lake Titicaca, deep canyons, local communities and great wildlife. Pop on your trekking boots and hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or visit the citadel in style on the luxury Hiram Bingham train.

Uruguay - Often overlooked, Uruguay has maintained its traditions and much of the country still looks and feels as it would have done before tourism came to the country. Great options for wine and history enthusiasts, while the beach at Jose Ignacio is a celebrity hangout.

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