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100 Acres

100 Acres

A scented escape to a hundred acres of heavenly British countryside.

100% natural, botanical ingredients. 
Made in the British countryside. 


If we could, we’d spend all of our time running naked through a hundred acres of heavenly British countryside. 

Weaving through the rolling green fields, lying among the wild herbs and flowers, gathering luscious fruits and foliage - soaking up theabundant, fragrant greenery all around.

This is our idea of heaven (and hopefully yours, too).

But, sadly, we don't have our hundred acres (nor would we spend all of our time running naked through it, even if we did).

So, we've bottled it.

We create and craft our own luxurious, botanical fragrance products, so that any time (and anywhere), you can simply close your eyes, inhale deeply and escape to your own heavenly hundred acres.

We'll see you there.

- Ellea, Co-Founder


Known for their fresh, moreish and distinctly '100 Acres' scents infused into rich, luxurious formulas, 100 Acres' cult collection of hand, bath, body & home products can be found some of the coolest homes & hotels across the UK." - SheerLuxe


Phone: 01453 490030

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